Saturday, January 12, 2008

Foxborough or Foxboro?

If anyone has noticed Foxborough is spelled two different ways: Foxborough and Foxboro. Online and throughout the city both spellings are seen prominently. Signs on overpasses are spelled Foxboro, advertising is spelled Foxborough.

The Times-Union style is Foxborough which is why in all stories the city is named Foxborough. Any readers out there have any insights to how the two spellings came to be or why there is such a differential between using the two spellings.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


JeffInBoston said...

Foxboro is just an abbreviation.

The real name is Foxborough.


Tom in NH said...

And we have Boxborough, Northborough, Westborough, Marlborough. When you want a new town, we either name it by compass point or add "New" at the beginning. See Braintree and New Braintree

Kevin Basarab said...

Thanks for the link Jeff. You gotta love the Wikipedia for those kind of answers.

And for Tom...funny how names always have a trend with them. Down in Jacksonville one area of a school district names all their elementary schools after creeks.

Eventually they ran out of creeks so now the schools are named after imaginary creeks.

JeffInBoston said...

"Eventually they ran out of creeks so now the schools are named after imaginary creeks."

That's amusing.

Loved wathing tha Jags, btw. They gave the Pats a scare for a while!