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Caption the FSU/Alabama photos

Post your captions to the following photos taken at during the River City Showdown where FSU defeated Alabama 21-14. Captions should be posted in the comments below with a number used to specify which photo it is referring too.

Photo Credits:
1 & 2: Bob Self/The Times-Union
3: Chris Viola/The Times-Union

Rant & Rave on FSU/Alabama

Post your rants & raves about the River City Showdown featuring the Florida State Seminoles and Alabama Crimson Tide in the comments of this post.

Vote in the poll below to tell us who you think the Player of the Game was and then post your reasons in the comments below.

Who was the River City Showdown player of the game?

Xavier Lee (FSU)

De'Cody Fagg (FSU)

Everette Brown (FSU)

John Parker Wilson (AL)

D.J. Hall (AL)


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Lee comes off bench to lead Florida State past Alabama 21-14

By: BRENT KALLESTAD, Associated Press

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Xavier Lee came off the bench to throw a pair of touchdown passes to De'Cody Fagg, and Antone Smith scored on a 5-yard run as Florida State defeated No. 22 Alabama 21-14 Saturday.


FSU defeats Alabama 21-14

A game that started off painfully slow came alive in the second half, well at least for Florida State. After a first half that featured FSU’s 89 offensive yards to Alabama’s 78, the game that was a sleeper finally saw some scoring in the second half.

FSU jumped to an early 7-0 lead in the third then added in the fourth bringing the score to 14-0. After Alabama answered FSU’s score, De'Cody Fagg caught a 70-yard touchdown reception giving the 'Noles a 21-7 lead. Alabama was able to add one more touchdown on a 17-yard pass to Keith Brown but the onside kick try bounced off Nick Walker’s shoulder pad before 10-yards causing FSU to receive the ball. The Florida State Seminoles go on to become the River City Showdown champions, 21-14.

Tide answers FSU 14-7

Alabama’s offense came alive after going down 14-0. Starting at their own 9-yard line the Tide rolled 13 plays and 91-yards taking only 3:53 off the clock. A 7-yard touchdown reception to WR DJ Hall and the extra point put the Tide back within one score 14-7.

What do you think sparked the Alabama offense on that drive? Was it losing the fumble on their previous drive or realizing that there is only 6:00 left in the game and they are down by two touchdowns? Give your answer or another reason in the comments.

FSU goes up 14-0

The River City Showdown finally hit double digit scoring in the 4th quarter as Florida State’s Everette Brown striped the ball from Alabama QB John Parker Wilson with 9:09 remaining in the game. That strip allowed DT Letroy Guion to recover the fumble setting up a 5-yard touchdown rush by Antone Smith. FSU now leads 14-0.

Stadium breaks attendance record

Since the River City Showdown is a college game and not Jaguars game official stadium attendance was announced. As expected Jacksonville Municipal stadium filled up with a record breaking crowd of 85,412. Were you one of those 85,412 fans? Tell your stories in the comments below.

Crowd begins to wake up in third

The third quarter has woken up the FSU fans at least after the Seminoles took a 7-0 lead early in the third quarter. After a game that left the stadium half asleep in the first half both offenses have begun to put together drives in the second. FSU put together a strong drive after scoring only to be stopped short of a two score lead with an interception. Alabama looked like they would convert on the interception with a 27-yard pass from Wilson to DJ Hall. FSU’s defense stood strong keeping Alabama scoreless and behind 7-0.

Post your comments and grads of both the Seminoles and Crimson Tide in the comments below.

Second half sparks FSU

After a slow first half the second half has gotten off to a quick start. Back to back plays featured Xavier Lee hooking up with Greg Carr, a 14-yard then a 28-yard reception. Those two plays brought FSU to within striking distance of Alabama allowing for a 7-yard pass to De’Cody Fagg putting the ‘Noles up 7-0.

Konica Minolta to sponsor Gator Bowl

At halftime the Gator Bowl Association announced to the fans at the stadium that Konica Minolta would be the title sponsor for the annual Gator Bowl on New Year’s Day. Of course if you were reading Jacksonville.com you would have seen this earlier today. For more information on the deal click here.

FSU/Bama slowly enter halftime 0-0

Many figured the River City Showdown would be low scoring but not many believed it would still be 0-0 at the half. Injuries have rattled both teams through the first half with six total injuries, four for Alabama and two for FSU.

In the first quarter FSU FB Marcus Sims went down with a fractured ankle. Alabama lost DL Bobby Greenwood and TE Travis McCall. The second quarter saw Alabama’s DL Wallace Gilberry and RB Terry Grant went down with injuries. FSU saw OG David Overmyer go down as well.

After two different quarterbacks during the first quarter, FSU QB Xavier Lee took the field just over four minutes into the second quarter giving at least a little bit of spark to the FSU offense. FSU has five first downs and 89 total yards. Alabama has only three first downs and 78 total yards.

Sterngating the River City

The boats rolled into the River City for the River City showdown filling up the docks with everywhere from small speed boats to luxury yachts. The Seminole fans took over the majority of the docks but the Tide had their fans as well. Ginamarie Anthony had her family down from Alabama and took them to the stadium on her boat.

“This is who we are and what we do” Anthony said.

Nick Simonis calls tailgating on the boats “sterngating” or the act of tailgating with water below you rather than asphalt.

So is the food the same when you're sterngating? Well there are some differences as open flames are not allowed out on the docks. Most of the yachts had full spreads set out for their guests. Instead of just one table of hamburgers, hotdogs and some steaks you find platters, catering style meals and more.

What would you prefer to do? Sterngate or Tailgate and why? Leave your responses in the comments below

View photos from around the docks in the sterngating gallery.

Gator Bowl Association logo

I know the River City Showdown is being put on by the Gator Bowl Association but could the center field logo be any smaller? Sitting here in the press box I can barely read “Gator Bowl Association” nevermind “Jacksonville, FL. What do you think? Should it be larger or smaller? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Scoreless at end of 1st

After one quarter of play in the highly anticipated River City Showdown the game is still scoreless. Alabama had no first downs while Florida State only had two. FSU’s Drew Weatherford went 7-9 for 42-yards. Alabama’s John Parker Wilson went 2-8 for only 7-yards. Florida State fullback Marcus Sims went down early in the first quarter with a right ankle injury. Sims was taken to the lockerroom.

Going into the second quarter Florida State has the ball 4th and 1 on Alabama’s 36-yard line.

What are your predictions?

So you have predictions on the FSU/Alabama game? We want to hear them. Leave your predictions in the comments below and your thoughts on the game. Here are a few predictions from those outside the stadium.

Kathryn Golden of Jacksonville says FSU will at least win the first half of the game while Brian Lorch thinks the ‘Noles are gonna beat Hoover High (Hoover high by the way is where Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson went to school). Bobby Hundley of Panama City was undecided on who is going to win but knows the score will be 17-14.

Other predictions around the stadium:

FSU winning predictions:

24-17 Stephen Lorch
14-10 Stephen Counts
42-7 Lacy Branch
24-17 Russell Jones
23-17 Kari Martin
28-10 Andrea Lockard

winning predictions:
28-21 Teresa Guarcello
‘Bama by 6; Gerald Jowers
‘Bama by 7; Gerald Jowers

Give your predictions in the comments of this thread.

Did you get ripped off?

Want to know if you got ripped off on your tickets to the FSU vs. Alabama game? Your answer is right here in the Grass Stains blog. Finding tickets being sold was the easy part especially if you were looking for face value. A couple people were spotted trying to make a few bucks but overall tickets were being sold for face value.

You could pick up a seat in section 430 for $45 or go two sections closer to center field in 432 for $45 as well. In the 400 level on the westside of the stadium tickets were selling from $25-$45. Of course some are trying to make a buck on their surplus tickets. For the same 400 level area I just found for $25 a few minutes before I found for $400 from another seller.

Moving to the lower bowl tickets in the club seats were going for face value, $300/2 at the game. Earlier in the week, tickets in the same section sold at $500 for two on eBay. Tickets for section 242 were selling for $60/each as well as in the north endzone.

If you got ripped off on your tickets or have other reports of prices leave them in the comments below.

Its Gameday for FSU/Alabama

Today is the day Seminole and Crimson Tide fans have been waiting for. Today is gameday here in Jacksonville, FL for the River City Showdown between Florida State and Alabama. Keep watching this blog throughout the day for continuously updated coverage of the game.

Not only will it be a reference of what is happening throughout the game but also your one stop source for links to all of The Florida Times-Union and Jacksonville.com related coverage.

With that being said be sure to look through the galleries of photos from Friday evening including the FSU vs Alabama Charity Benefit, RV City and the Landing.

Friday, September 28, 2007

River City Showdown

FSU/Alabama is coming to Jacksonville this weekend and the parties have already started at the Jacksonville Landing, RV City and around the city. The Grass Stains blogs will be up in force this weekend keeping you updated on happenings in and around Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Saturday.

If you have questions or stories about your gameday experience leave a comment here or e-mail jags@jacksonville.com.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Interception seals 23-14 victory

With a Sammy Knight interception Jaguars’ defense seals the win over the Broncos. The Jaguars dominated the game clock and establishing the run game leading to a 23-14 victory over the Broncos. QB David Garrard rushed on his own more than the entire Broncos’ offense and completed 14 of 20 passes for 154 yards and one touchdown.

How do you think the Jaguars performed against the Broncos? Post your thoughts in the comments below or send your comments in for Monday Morning QB.

Read more about today's game in Monday's Times-Union or have the news delivered to you in the Ultimate Jaguars newsletter.

The 1-yard line curse

And not more than two minutes after my last post the Jaguars defense stopped Denver four and out. For some reason Mike Shanahan decided to go for it on 4th and 6 from the Broncos’ own nine-yard line. A spike of frustration from Daniel Graham led to a penalty starting the Jaguars at the Denver four. A Maurice Jones-Drew rush to the one brought back the one-yard line Jaguars’ troubles.

Earlier in the game David Garrard spiked the ball on third down from the one causing the Jaguars’ to settle for a field goal. Just a few minute ago Maurice Jones-Drew fumbled the ball causing a turnover to the Broncos on the one. This third time on the one they still could not get in the end zone settling for an extra point length field goal putting them up 23-14.

Fumbles proving costly

The Broncos were able to score to bring the team within six but the Jaguars offense continues to slowly and methodically march down the field eating all sorts of time off the clock. However, like David Garrard’s fumble earlier a Jones-Drew fumble has stopped the Jaguars in their tracks. What looked to be a guaranteed field goal drive turns leaves the Jaguars with no points.

Now its up to the defense to stop the Broncos' passing game and get the ball back while Denver is pinned deep in their own territory.

Marshall's Momentum

Is it me or does the Jaguars’ secondary really need to do something about Broncos’ WR Brandon Marshall? So far today Marshall has basically been the driving force behind little pieces of time Denver gets possession. With 5:00 left in the third Marshall has six receptions for 125 yards. Statistically Jacksonville is beating up on the Broncos but if Denver manages to score a touchdown on this possession they are right back in the game.

UPDATE: So the defense held through for the Jaguars as they stop Denver on 4th and 1 from the Jaguars' three.

What are your thoughts?

How do you think the Jaguars are doing so far in the game? John Carney just scored another field goal from 27-yards out to put the Jaguars up 20-7. Vote in the poll below and leave more comments in the comments section.

How would you rate the Jaguars first half performance?


[ View results ]

17-7 at the half

Although the Broncos were able to tie the Jaguars earlier in the second quarter the Jaguars mounted another long drive continuing to establish the run game and control the game clock; two of Jack Del Rio’s biggest goals. The Jaguars have already rushed for 100 yards against the Broncos while the past two games combined only equaled 188 yards.

A Greg Jones 4 yard rush put the Jaguars up 14-7 with less than two minutes remaining in the half. As the Broncos offense came on the field for only the third time of the game the Jaguars defense weren’t about to allow another quick march down the field recovering a Selvin Young fumble.

That fumble allowed the Jaguars to expand their lead with a 19-yard field goal putting them up 17-7 going into halftime. That field goal was forced after the Jaguars spiked the ball on third down from the one after a declined Denver penalty.

How do you think the Jaguars are performing so far this half? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Two passes, 79-yards ties game at 7

So after raving about the offense controlling in the first half I think the Jaguars defense got a bit too rested. The Broncos marched right down the field to tie the Jaguars 7-7. A 1-yard Cutler TD pass to Jackson ties the Jaguars at 7. A 49-yard pass and then a 30-yard pass both to Brandon Marshall put the Broncos in scoring territory.

Jaguars up 7-0

As expected the second quarter began with a Jaguars scoring drive. Quarterback David Garrard was able to find Reggie Williams in the endzone against 12 defensive players putting the Jaguars up 7-0. The drive represents a promising start for the team as the scoring drive took 11:44 off the clock and the run game is slowly being established. Denver will begin only their second possession of the ball game after the kickoff.

Jaguars dominate clock in first quarter

The Jaguars have wanted to control the clock and keep working on the run game and the first quarter of the Broncos’ game showed that. The Jaguars dominated the game clock during the first quarter knocking over nine minutes off the clock on one drive bringing the team into the second quarter. The run game has also seen a boost as the team has rushed for 65-yards including 35-yards from Fred Taylor. The Broncos have only had one possession and that was a three and out. As the second quarter begins the Jaguars should be able to put points on the board finishing up their drive.

What are your predictions?

Do the Jaguars win? Do they score more than 14 points? What are your thoughts on the game. Leave them in the comments below.

Jaguars at Broncos

No I'm not in Denver for the game but have no fear as I'll still keep you updated on happenings in the game. I also want to know what you do on away games? Is there a certain bar you always visit? Do you go out to Lot X and Tailgate anyways or throw a party at your house? Let me know what you do for away games and send me some photos to jags@jacksonville.com.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

NFL Pick 'em

Don't forget to make your picks for the Pro Football Pick 'em. Last week jpiz777 beat out everyone including our experts. Congratulation jpiz777!

jpiz777 wasn't the only one beating our "experts" though. Apparently we aren't so much of experts after all. Congratulations to dewager44, GQSexy11, jpiz777, Weekend and MikeMcVear. All of these users are currently beating our experts.

Overall dewager44 is beating everyone so keep up the good work.

Don't forget its not too late to get in on the action. Your bottom four weeks will be canceled out at the end of the season so you still have a chance to win the overall season or each individual week.

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Jaguars/Falcons coverage links

I've listed all the current Jaguars post-game coverage below for your convenience. As we continue to add features I will continue to add to this post.

If you are looking for something imparticular and cannot find it please let me know in the comments.

Talk back to Jack: Jaguars vs. Falcons

Here's your chance. Let Jack know what you're thinking and what he's really thinking. Watch the video below and response to each of the thought bubbles by posting in the comments below.

Post your responses to Del Rio's thoughts in the comments below.

Jaguars' defense shows up; Garrard leads 2 scoring drives in 13-7 win over Falcons

By: Mark Long, Associated Press

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - The Jaguars defense rebounded from an embarrassing season opener and quarterback David Garrard proved a little something, too.

The Jacksonville defense sacked Joey Harrington seven times, held Atlanta under 100 yards rushing and sparked a 13-7 victory over the Falcons on Sunday.


Distributed tickets

Although stadiums across the NFL no longer announce game attendance they do stlll announce the number of tickets distributed. For the Jaguars/Falcons game 61,821 were distributed. This number of course does not count the number of no shows to the game. Some teams have their seats made to look like the team logo when they are empty, the Jaguars should paint their seats to look like people are sitting in them.

Just who is CEVA?

An overwhelming question across Jacksonville Municipal Stadium so far this season has been what is CEVA? So what do the fans think CEVA is?

“I’m going to guess an engineering company” –Morgan King
“Pharmaceutical maybe?” –John Jackowiak
“Ceva? Let’s see, how about a vacation enterprise?” -Keith James
“There’s a lot of insurance companies here, I’m gonna guess insurance” -Bryan Eason
“It’s a company that makes tarps” -Robert Bensinger

After so many fans not knowing what or who CEVA is one fan seemed to have the answer.

“CEVA is the largest logistics company in the world,” according to tom Mallory, “third party logistics, that’s what their main business is.”

Tom had his guess almost exactly on target. If you remember, when seats were first covered TNT Logistics bared their logo across the covers. In 2006, an affiliate of Apollo Management L.P. bought TNT Logistics and it was rebranded to CEVA Logistics.

CEVA is “the world’s largest pure play contract logistics company” according to their website, cevalogistics.com. CEVA’s world headquarters is located in The Netherlands. Their Jacksonville location is located off Gate Parkway on Deerwood Park Blvd and serves as the headquarters for their United States’ offices.

Source: CEVA Logistics (www.cevalogistics.com)

432 Draft beer update

Last week I reported that section 432 had no beer on draft as their taps were broken. After a follow-up visit to the Andrew Jackson BBQ during the Falcons game I have learned that the draft beer has been put on injured reserve for the season.

According to Darlene Pike of the Jackson BBQ a compressor is broken and has been told that it probably will not be fixed this season.

Draft is available one section away on a rolling cart in 432 and taps are working properly at the remainder of the concessions. If you’ve heard of any problems you want to know more about around the stadium let me know by sending a text message or e-mail to jags@jacksonville.com.

Georgia rule

With Jaguars’ fans wearing white to keep off the sun and the volume of Falcons’ fans wearing red throughout the stadium it almost looks like this game is being played in Atlanta. If it wasn’t for all the teal seats showing from unsold tickets and no shows you could have fooled me.

Vick not forgotten

Michael Vick as not been forgotten by the Atlanta Fans as seen by the amount of fans proudly wearing his jersey throughout the stadium. Garry Smits talked to Falcons’ fans wearing Vick’s jersey before the game. Look for his story in Monday’s Times-Union.

Atlanta makes the trip

Falcons’ fans aren’t afraid of driving and the fairgrounds parking lot was the place to find them. Traveling to the games is a regular thing for these fans that drive to see the Falcons’ throughout the southeast.

Charles Tucker drove down from Atlanta yesterday and usually follows the Falcons to Tampa bay and New Orleans. With the Jaguars game this season he decided to expand out and follow to Jacksonville as well.

Anthony and Shandra Burks travel to see Atlanta as well. They usually travel to Tampa, New Orleans, Carolina and now Jacksonville.

“We saw this dog fight in the parking lot which was really funny,” said Burks. “Other than that we’re just enjoying our time here.”

George Rucker came in with a group of about ten fans. Rucker and his group have been ticket holders for over 20 years and have been through “the good, the bad and the ugly”. So which one of those descriptions would best describe today’s game?

“Its gonna be good. We’re gonna win,” Rucker said.

Rucker’s group partied at the landing last night and loved it. They’ll even be traveling to see the Falcons’ in Tennessee next week.

Danny Beckworth made a little smaller trip into town coming from Savannah. Whether the Falcons’ fans made the drive from Atlanta, somewhere a little closer or even reside here in Jacksonville one thing is for sure: There is no shortage of Falcons’ fans throughout the stadium.

Another hot Day

Temperatures are expected to be hot once again as the Jaguars take on the Falcons. If you remember last week in “Heat blasts fans” the game was one of the hottest in history. That game kicked off with a temperature of 86 degrees. Today kickoff temperature was 88 degrees. Clouds could be rolling into to help shade the fans but the chance of a rain cool down is only 30 percent so this game is going to be another scorcher.

Jaxson de Ville update

Anyone who has been to a Jaguars’ home game knows that mascot Jaxson de Ville always performs some type of crazy antic. Last week against the Titans Jaxson slid down a rope from the top of a scoreboard landing on the 50-yd line.

I suppose Jaxson feels he’s come into the stadium from the top of the scoreboard too often. For the Falcons’ game he decided to bungee jump off the lights and then be lowered onto the 5-yd line.

Its gameday: Jaguars vs. Falcons

Today is Sunday meaning its time for the Jaguars' second regular season game and second home game. Pick up today's Times-Union for our special 5 on 5 - 5 fans, 5 questions about today's game. In addition read "The NFL Enquirer," a look at the five biggest scandals in the NFL.

Also e-mail or text your gameday experience stories or happenings around the stadium to jags@jacksonville.com. If its too much to text send your section, row and seat number and I'll find you.

Also stay tund after the game to ask Gene Frenette your questions in his post-game blog, "The Frenette Files."

Monday, September 10, 2007

Gameday coverage

All the Jacksonville.com gameday special features can now be found online in our Gameday Coverage. You'll find links to all the popular features you've been hearing about in the Times-Union the past week.

Don't forget to send me your story or question regarding the game day experience via text message or e-mail to jags@jacksonville.com. Too much to type? Send your section, row and seat number and I'll find you at the Jaguars/Falcons game.

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One stop shop for coverage

I just added a page to Ultimate Jaguars to keep tabs on all the new features the Times-Union is offering this season. Keep track of all our special features for the Jaguars/Titans game here.

Some features already added are Talk back to Jack and video of the pregame flyover. I'll list more here as they are finished.

Times-Union photos are now available plus Ryan Reaves' stadium views video

You make the call! Vote on which photo was your favorite from the game and we'll publish it in Tuesday's Times-Union.

Be sure to read Monday's Times-Union for "What the other guys say" and "Its not the what, Its the why." Also in Monday's Times-Union, Monday Morning Quarterback returns and Video Monday Morning Quarterback will be here on Jacksonville.com.

Talk back to Jack - Jaguars vs. Titans

The game is over and Jack Del Rio has had his post-game press conference. We want to know what he's really thinking. Fill in the thought bubbles to the below slideshow in the comments of this post to "Talk back to Jack." Feel free to ask your questions as well and we may just ask Jack your question.

Titans run roughshod over Jaguars in 13-10 victory

By: Mark Long (AP Sports Writer)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - Tennessee's running attack hardly missed Travis Henry in the season opener.

Chris Brown ran for 175 yards, Vince Young and LenDale White combined for another 88 on the ground and the Titans ran roughshod over the Jacksonville Jaguars in a 13-10 victory Sunday.


Leftwich Jerseys

John Verville

Even though Leftwich was released less than two weeks ago his jersey was still seen floating around the stadium. Many of the jerseys seen though had been creatively defaced in one way or another.

John Verville in Lot K duct taped “Leftwich” completely off the back and turned his #7 into a “?” using the tape.

“I was shocked [Leftwich was released],” said Verville, “but I kinda felt sorry for him.”

Duct tape was the go to item for fans with Leftwich jerseys. Andy Powell duct taped “wich” on the back of his jersey in order to add “town” causing his jersey to read “Left town.”“You gotta do something with the jersey,” said Powell. “Either use it for kindling or make good use out of it.”

The “Left Town” idea carried around to others around the stadium as well.

Brian Reed
Brian Reed was spotted in section 214 using masking tape on his jersey to change the back to “Garrard” and the #7 into #9.

Not all fans had changed the jersey though. Tania Evans just didn’t have anything else to wear to the game. She was willing to trade her Leftwich jersey for sunglasses though. If that plan doesn’t pan out though she says she will have it autographed and give it away at her bar on the southside.

Jaguars’ five-year old fan Jake said Leftwich is still his favorite player and the jersey is the only jersey he has. 12-year old Austin also was supporting Leftwich saying he bought the jersey before he was released but is still kind of a fan.

David Clarke of Jacksonville wore his specifically in support of Leftwich. Clarke said he was very disappointed Leftwich was released.

“I hoped more people would wear it—he is one of ours,” Clarke said.

If you were wearing your jersey or have your own story to tell make sure to let me know if the comments below or e-mail me at jags@jacksonville.com.

Heat blasts fans

Lemon chill vendor Ron McCullough

The weather reports said this game would be one of the hottest in Jaguars’ history and at kickoff it was the hottest start ever for kickoff weekend at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

Fans tailgating had shirts wrapped around their heads to cover their necks and were filling up on water besides the usual beer trying to keep themselves hydrated for the game.

Most fans inside the stadium seemed to pay attention to the reports as well judging by the sea of white shirts across the stadium rather than the usual teal or black.

At kickoff the temperature was recorded at 86 degrees, the warmest ever for Jaguars’ kickoff weekend the seventh game played at 86 degrees or above.

Lemon chill vendor Ron McCullough said “my heart’s beating really fast because I’m carrying this thing up the stairs, and I have to take a break today for the first time in a while, it’s pretty hot!” McCullough did say sales were good as he already went through five bags in the second quarter.

The second quarter did shed some relief to fans though as clouds began moving in over the stadium.

“The heat’s pretty bad, thank God for the clouds and beer,” said Russ Sumpter.

Photo by Bruce Lipsky, The Times-Union
Ray Geoertz from Minneapolis said the heat wasn’t bothering him during the second quarter.

The clouds did move out late in the third quarter though raising the temperature to about 84leading to fans waving their programs, hats or anything else they could make into a homemade cooling device trying to keep cool.

No beer for 432

If you were looking for draft beer in section 432 you may have found yourself walking a bit further than usual. Turns out the taps at the Andrew Jackson BBQ began malfunctioning during the Redskins game causing your beer to be more foam than alcohol. Bottled beer, however, is still available at the BBQ.

If you simply must have draft beer then head two sections toward the south endzone at section 434. A rolling stand is selling Bud Light on draft and if you continue past that you will find Budweiser at the Outback Steakhouse one more section down.

No word yet on when the taps will be fixed.

Titans up 13-10 at end of third

The Titans drove behind running back Chris Brown during the third quarter leading to a 2-yard touchdown scramble from quarterback Vince Young. The Titans are up 13-10 at the end of the third quarter.

Jaxson spotted catching rays

Jaxson de Ville was spotted catching a few rays in the north end zone during the third quarter. Jaxson walked down the covered seats in section 220 opting to lay out on top of the covered seats. I think Jaxson forgot those covers are black and definitely would not the coolest spot in the stadium. If you have any cures for sunburn let Jaxson know in the comments below.

Crowd loves Garrard

From the sea of Garrard jerseys around the stadium to the roar of the crowd at player introductions it isn’t a secret Garrard is the man of the hour in today’s game. At player introductions the roar from the crowd was as large as the roar when “Sweet Home Alabama” blasts over the stadium sound system.

Whether it be Garrard’s 47-yard touchdown pass or a 10-yard rush the crowd is completely behind Garrard leading the team.

Jaguars lead 10-6 at half

The Jaguars are up 10-6 at the half in their season opener against the Titans. Garrard had a 47-yard touchdown pass to Broussard and went 7 of 12 for 123 yards during the first half.. Rashean Mathis had one interception return for 23 setting up a Josh Scobee field goal late in the half.

Ticket pricing update

One of the weekly features here in the Grass Stains will be seeing what ticket prices are going for around the stadium. So what are the prices going for during Kickoff 2007 as the Jaguars take on the Titans?

The cheapest I found was $20 for 2 tickets in section 441 out in Lot K. Also in Lot K you could find $35 face value tickets for $25 in the upper deck. Out at the pedestrian cross walk on Gator Bowl Blvd. tickets were selling anywhere from $20 up to $75. $75 gets you two tickets in the lower bowl and a couple feet away you could get one ticket in 433 for $20.

If you know where the cheapest ticket prices are around the stadium let me know. Send an e-mail or text message to jags@jacksonville.com.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I want to know what you think...

Sunday marks the opening of the Jaguars regular season games-at home against the Tennessee Titans. Everybody’s already heard the normal news of Leftwich being released, the possible blackout, etc. This Sunday Michael Wright will cover all that normal game play news in his “Wright On” blog but I want to know what is going on in and around the stadium.

Did Lot X have the best food of all the tailgaters? Was there a fight up in the upper level? Did the bathrooms in section 412 overflow? Did your section start a new chant that you’re hoping takes off? I want to know what is going on in and around the stadium.

During the game look for me and tell me your stories. Ask me your questions. I want to hear about the game from the fan’s perspective. Can’t find me? Simply send a text message or e-mail from your phone to jags@jacksonville.com. Tell me your story that way or tell me where you’re sitting and I’ll find you.

Look for answers to your questions and your stories here on the Grass Stains blog.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jaguars spotted at the zoo

The Jaguars are getting around before the season begins. Players, cheerleaders and Jaxson de Ville arrived at the Jacksonville Zoo Saturday for the first of two pep rallies before their home game against the Tennessee Titans on September 9. Tia Woods writes more about the event in her column.

Wednesday the Jaguars will host a pep rally in Hemming Plaza during the First Wednesday Art Walk. The event will be held from 5:00 until 9:00pm and you will be able to find photos after the event right here.