Sunday, September 9, 2007

Leftwich Jerseys

John Verville

Even though Leftwich was released less than two weeks ago his jersey was still seen floating around the stadium. Many of the jerseys seen though had been creatively defaced in one way or another.

John Verville in Lot K duct taped “Leftwich” completely off the back and turned his #7 into a “?” using the tape.

“I was shocked [Leftwich was released],” said Verville, “but I kinda felt sorry for him.”

Duct tape was the go to item for fans with Leftwich jerseys. Andy Powell duct taped “wich” on the back of his jersey in order to add “town” causing his jersey to read “Left town.”“You gotta do something with the jersey,” said Powell. “Either use it for kindling or make good use out of it.”

The “Left Town” idea carried around to others around the stadium as well.

Brian Reed
Brian Reed was spotted in section 214 using masking tape on his jersey to change the back to “Garrard” and the #7 into #9.

Not all fans had changed the jersey though. Tania Evans just didn’t have anything else to wear to the game. She was willing to trade her Leftwich jersey for sunglasses though. If that plan doesn’t pan out though she says she will have it autographed and give it away at her bar on the southside.

Jaguars’ five-year old fan Jake said Leftwich is still his favorite player and the jersey is the only jersey he has. 12-year old Austin also was supporting Leftwich saying he bought the jersey before he was released but is still kind of a fan.

David Clarke of Jacksonville wore his specifically in support of Leftwich. Clarke said he was very disappointed Leftwich was released.

“I hoped more people would wear it—he is one of ours,” Clarke said.

If you were wearing your jersey or have your own story to tell make sure to let me know if the comments below or e-mail me at jags@jacksonville.com.

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