Sunday, September 16, 2007

Distributed tickets

Although stadiums across the NFL no longer announce game attendance they do stlll announce the number of tickets distributed. For the Jaguars/Falcons game 61,821 were distributed. This number of course does not count the number of no shows to the game. Some teams have their seats made to look like the team logo when they are empty, the Jaguars should paint their seats to look like people are sitting in them.


Terri said...

Just a possible suggestion:

How about for Season Tickets Holders ONLY!

Let us bring a CD to the stadium and pay a fee say $5.00 to $10.00 for you to record the black out games for us and mail it out Wednesday of the following week.

That way we can see the replays that they won't show us in the stands and we did pay and attend the game so they won't lose anything on us!

I wish that Winn Dixie would do their rewards card and shopping cart contest after the game then perhaps people would stay through the 4th quarter. Shoe Carnival Dancing and Best Buy lucky window could be during the 2 minute warnings or commercial breaks.

We shouldn't be punished for attending the game, we should be permitted to see the replay and the coach's challenge plays too!

Kevin Basarab said...

I did notice that Terri. Seemed like the Falcons game more than others had less replays than ever. Watching the TV broadcast as well as seeing the game live the coaches challenges weren't really shown on TV either.