Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just who is CEVA?

An overwhelming question across Jacksonville Municipal Stadium so far this season has been what is CEVA? So what do the fans think CEVA is?

“I’m going to guess an engineering company” –Morgan King
“Pharmaceutical maybe?” –John Jackowiak
“Ceva? Let’s see, how about a vacation enterprise?” -Keith James
“There’s a lot of insurance companies here, I’m gonna guess insurance” -Bryan Eason
“It’s a company that makes tarps” -Robert Bensinger

After so many fans not knowing what or who CEVA is one fan seemed to have the answer.

“CEVA is the largest logistics company in the world,” according to tom Mallory, “third party logistics, that’s what their main business is.”

Tom had his guess almost exactly on target. If you remember, when seats were first covered TNT Logistics bared their logo across the covers. In 2006, an affiliate of Apollo Management L.P. bought TNT Logistics and it was rebranded to CEVA Logistics.

CEVA is “the world’s largest pure play contract logistics company” according to their website, cevalogistics.com. CEVA’s world headquarters is located in The Netherlands. Their Jacksonville location is located off Gate Parkway on Deerwood Park Blvd and serves as the headquarters for their United States’ offices.

Source: CEVA Logistics (www.cevalogistics.com)

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