Sunday, September 16, 2007

Atlanta makes the trip

Falcons’ fans aren’t afraid of driving and the fairgrounds parking lot was the place to find them. Traveling to the games is a regular thing for these fans that drive to see the Falcons’ throughout the southeast.

Charles Tucker drove down from Atlanta yesterday and usually follows the Falcons to Tampa bay and New Orleans. With the Jaguars game this season he decided to expand out and follow to Jacksonville as well.

Anthony and Shandra Burks travel to see Atlanta as well. They usually travel to Tampa, New Orleans, Carolina and now Jacksonville.

“We saw this dog fight in the parking lot which was really funny,” said Burks. “Other than that we’re just enjoying our time here.”

George Rucker came in with a group of about ten fans. Rucker and his group have been ticket holders for over 20 years and have been through “the good, the bad and the ugly”. So which one of those descriptions would best describe today’s game?

“Its gonna be good. We’re gonna win,” Rucker said.

Rucker’s group partied at the landing last night and loved it. They’ll even be traveling to see the Falcons’ in Tennessee next week.

Danny Beckworth made a little smaller trip into town coming from Savannah. Whether the Falcons’ fans made the drive from Atlanta, somewhere a little closer or even reside here in Jacksonville one thing is for sure: There is no shortage of Falcons’ fans throughout the stadium.

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