Saturday, September 29, 2007

FSU/Bama slowly enter halftime 0-0

Many figured the River City Showdown would be low scoring but not many believed it would still be 0-0 at the half. Injuries have rattled both teams through the first half with six total injuries, four for Alabama and two for FSU.

In the first quarter FSU FB Marcus Sims went down with a fractured ankle. Alabama lost DL Bobby Greenwood and TE Travis McCall. The second quarter saw Alabama’s DL Wallace Gilberry and RB Terry Grant went down with injuries. FSU saw OG David Overmyer go down as well.

After two different quarterbacks during the first quarter, FSU QB Xavier Lee took the field just over four minutes into the second quarter giving at least a little bit of spark to the FSU offense. FSU has five first downs and 89 total yards. Alabama has only three first downs and 78 total yards.

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