Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sterngating the River City

The boats rolled into the River City for the River City showdown filling up the docks with everywhere from small speed boats to luxury yachts. The Seminole fans took over the majority of the docks but the Tide had their fans as well. Ginamarie Anthony had her family down from Alabama and took them to the stadium on her boat.

“This is who we are and what we do” Anthony said.

Nick Simonis calls tailgating on the boats “sterngating” or the act of tailgating with water below you rather than asphalt.

So is the food the same when you're sterngating? Well there are some differences as open flames are not allowed out on the docks. Most of the yachts had full spreads set out for their guests. Instead of just one table of hamburgers, hotdogs and some steaks you find platters, catering style meals and more.

What would you prefer to do? Sterngate or Tailgate and why? Leave your responses in the comments below

View photos from around the docks in the sterngating gallery.

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