Sunday, September 9, 2007

Talk back to Jack - Jaguars vs. Titans

The game is over and Jack Del Rio has had his post-game press conference. We want to know what he's really thinking. Fill in the thought bubbles to the below slideshow in the comments of this post to "Talk back to Jack." Feel free to ask your questions as well and we may just ask Jack your question.


Terri said...

When are you going to get these guys in shape, what does the trainer do all day?

Cramps, pulled muscles, injuries...
I sincerely believe you need a new Team Doctor, this guy must be clueless.

Well, is the defense going to start hitting anytime this season, they blew the Pre season and couldn't figure out the titans at all?

When do plan on getting some scouts that will bring back information you can use during the weekly practices in preparation for the game? Everyone is ready for us and you guys end up trying to figure out how to answer during the game.
It's time to fire the scouts and get some real ones not NFL has beens that take pictures and obviously don't pay any attention to the team at all!

By the way Nice Suit and I admire you for wearing it in such horrible weather.
If UF can get misting tents for everyone including the fans, why can't Jacksonville get a decent size for the team and the fans?

Vick said...


I know they are pros but they don't show much emotion and I think that comes from you on the sidelines. Get excited sometime, it may influence your team too try a little harder! We will get them next time, Go Jags

Dr. Glenn said...

It is a shame that the high-priced middle of the Jacksonville defense could not make it to the game. Oh!, they were there? How many times were the names of Stroud , Henderson and Peterson credited for making tackles as the Titans ran it right up their "you-know-whats. If the excuse is some "defensive scheme" had them "covering other lanes", the jerk who conjured up the "scheme" should be fired tomorrow. If it was simply getting beat all day .... its going to be a looooonnnnng season.

Ron said...

I can't believe just what I saw yesterday. It seems to be the same old Jaguars out there doing the same old things and making the same old excuses. They hype themselves up before the first game saying that they've got a good team and expect good things out of them this year. Then, they get out there and do the same things that they've always done. Poor defensive performances, an offense that can't capitalize and move, etc. It's the same old thing year afer year. They come out telling everyone that they can get the job done. Then, when it comes time to put up or shut up, they fold. Let's face it, the Jaguars are NOT a championship caliber team. I hear a lot of talk, but no action to back up those words. They don't have the intestinal fortitude to be real winners.

Terri said...

Vic, I don't know who you were watching but Jack was very emotional and he was all over the place, he was even trying to make adjustments (the players, who were probably coming off of their clubbing Friday and Saturday night) weren't able to understand what his was saying.

The titans ran a spread offense and with our defense spread all over the field they easily ran right through them.

I know your players are young but they need to stop their partying for 20 weeks out of 52 if they want to win, it's more than obvious with the blubber sticking out of their uniforms and moving in slow motion that partying and Pro Football don't mix at least not in this town.

Alpha Technology Group said...

teWhy can't the coaches make adjustments at half-time and make the changes during the game? We have heard it for years now that you are going to fix things. The talent is here and you need to take responsiblity instead of blaming your staff at the end of the year.

Nate said...

Yesterday this team had the worst luck I have ever seen any team have in 20 years of watching football. It has NOTHING to do with our conditioning, coaching, or the infamous "Jerk Fisher's" will to win. This loss was about a weird, random turn of events ranging from Scobee's pre-game injury to M. Lewis jabbing his knee into the well protected ball/arm of Mojo inside the 20! Matt Jones could have sealed the whole dang thing had he caught that perfectly thrown ball in the corner of the end zone so with all do respect, get off of Jack's back people! There is no way we could ever be this unlucky again......We will be back at full throttle next week. Wait & see!

Terri said...

What part of Reggie Williams is 10 times the receiver that Matt 'bobble hands' Jones is and will ever be do you and your staff fail to understand, see or admit.

Jones is a disgrace to the NFL I don't give a rat's behind what he did at the combine with no one threatening a tackle or any real competition.

He's a bust Jack, please don't punish us with him and his bobbles again this season, drop him NOW!