Saturday, September 29, 2007

Did you get ripped off?

Want to know if you got ripped off on your tickets to the FSU vs. Alabama game? Your answer is right here in the Grass Stains blog. Finding tickets being sold was the easy part especially if you were looking for face value. A couple people were spotted trying to make a few bucks but overall tickets were being sold for face value.

You could pick up a seat in section 430 for $45 or go two sections closer to center field in 432 for $45 as well. In the 400 level on the westside of the stadium tickets were selling from $25-$45. Of course some are trying to make a buck on their surplus tickets. For the same 400 level area I just found for $25 a few minutes before I found for $400 from another seller.

Moving to the lower bowl tickets in the club seats were going for face value, $300/2 at the game. Earlier in the week, tickets in the same section sold at $500 for two on eBay. Tickets for section 242 were selling for $60/each as well as in the north endzone.

If you got ripped off on your tickets or have other reports of prices leave them in the comments below.

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