Saturday, September 29, 2007

Caption the FSU/Alabama photos

Post your captions to the following photos taken at during the River City Showdown where FSU defeated Alabama 21-14. Captions should be posted in the comments below with a number used to specify which photo it is referring too.

Photo Credits:
1 & 2: Bob Self/The Times-Union
3: Chris Viola/The Times-Union


Anonymous said...

picture # 2.

Where the heckfire did i leave my geritol and where is ann?

Anonymous said...

#1: So then I cut him off and was all like, "What you lookin' at, man?!?"

Anonymous said...

#2: I knew I should've gone before the games started.

Anonymous said...

#3: Question! Where's the nearest bathroom?!?

Anonymous said...

"Man, I shouldn't have bet on Alabama!" -Coach Bowden

Wild Wild West said...

No. 1 NO! Its left,right,left Not right, left, right!

No.2 I have to change laundries again. That Alabama fans laundry is gonna start starching my shorts again!


Mark said...

#2 Thank god for Depends!
#1 Good news is....I just saved alot of money on my car insurance!

kAnEeNaK said...

#2 Daggum, when did that boy Xavier Lee get on the team and why didn't anyone tell me about him?