Saturday, September 29, 2007

What are your predictions?

So you have predictions on the FSU/Alabama game? We want to hear them. Leave your predictions in the comments below and your thoughts on the game. Here are a few predictions from those outside the stadium.

Kathryn Golden of Jacksonville says FSU will at least win the first half of the game while Brian Lorch thinks the ‘Noles are gonna beat Hoover High (Hoover high by the way is where Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson went to school). Bobby Hundley of Panama City was undecided on who is going to win but knows the score will be 17-14.

Other predictions around the stadium:

FSU winning predictions:

24-17 Stephen Lorch
14-10 Stephen Counts
42-7 Lacy Branch
24-17 Russell Jones
23-17 Kari Martin
28-10 Andrea Lockard

winning predictions:
28-21 Teresa Guarcello
‘Bama by 6; Gerald Jowers
‘Bama by 7; Gerald Jowers

Give your predictions in the comments of this thread.

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