Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Gator Bowl attendance

60,243 tickets were sold to today's Gator Bowl. That figure only represents tickets sold and not actual attendance. Actual attendance would be much lower with the upper decks and endzones almost entirely empty.


Anonymous said...

It's an embarrassment. The city of Jacksonville routinely fails to support the games played in this stadium. If it wasn't for the long history of the Gator Bowl, they'd probably pack up and play elsewhere just like the ACC decided to do.

Kevin Basarab said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you a little bit on this one anonymous. I think the Gator Bowl and ACC Championship are a little different in that they are relying on the school's fans that are in the game to come to the game.

I think some of the trouble this year was both school's don't travel much and is hard to travel from. Lubbock, Texas is far too long of a drive and is at least a one layover flight to Jacksonville.

AAJC said...

Embarrassment indeed. I have two unused tickets 14th row, 20 yard line because they didn't sell for $0.99 on E-bay!! It's pretty bad when a national audience sees 40 scattered people sitting in the section behind the goal post. The ACC Championship game is almost as bad. The ticket office sent out a letter in November to everyone who had purchased tickets urging ticket holders to spread the word and "catch the fever". Bumper sticker included.

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That's a shame if it's empty!