Saturday, January 5, 2008

Late field goal seals victory

A late 25-yard field goal with 40 seconds remaining on the game clock propelled Jacksonville to a victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers Saturday night 31-29. The Jaguars had momentum in the first half but lost their lead to the Steelers throughout the second.

The turning point of the drive was a David Garrard 32-yard run to the Pittsburgh 11-yard line on fourth and two. If Tennessee defeats the Chargers tomorrow Jacksonville will travel to Indianapolis. Otherwise the Jaguars will travel to New England to play the undefeated Patriots.


Feemo said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Please post when the jags are returning to Jax at the airport, stadium or where ever so the fans can welcome them home!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a Game! I think I need some blood presure medicine. Why is it that we play kick ass in the first half and then try to give it up in the second half of the game? I am only 32 and my heart can't take it!
What a Game! can you say second round of the playoffs baby!!! Whew! I love to win, I love to win, I love Del Rio, I love Garrard, I LOVE THE JAGS!!!! Season ticket holder since day 1!!!!!

Anonymous said...

New England/ Indinopolis 56 Jacksonville 13

thats what is happening next week. Jacksonville could barely beat a team missing its best players. this season is just a myth as Jags fans. Del Rio's boys looked bad.

Steel City HVAC said...

What you mean is a sweet no-call against your offensive line who was HOLDING ALL NIGHT LONG. That was some sad crap. Good luck getting steamrolled next week. Its sweet when the refs help you guys win a game like that. Piss off you weaklings. Enjoy it and let me know. Stlctyhvac@verizon.net

mezzrow said...

An ugly win is as sweet any other. We'll need better execution next week, for sure. When this team develops a killer instinct and learns to close, they can beat anyone. We'll know more in eight days.

Thanks to Ben R. for his class display after the game, unlike the Steeler posters above. Experience shows me they are not typical - black and gold is usually a class outfit.

steelerfan1 said...

You are hardly going to the Super Bowl! The Jacksonville "jaggles" should be ashamed to win a game by cheating.. just because the blind refs didn't see your offensive line holding while your QB waddled down the field doesn't make your win any more valid. Just remember what goes around, comes around.

You are going DOWN in one week.. and I will be laughing my a** off...the Patriots will run over you and not even break a sweat, and you will certainly deserve it!

From a proud Steeler fan!