Sunday, November 4, 2007

First half ends with Saints up 24-17

Ending the first half of the game Jacksonville's defense thought they might get a chance as Drew Brees looked to have fumbled the football and Jacksonville recovers. On the booth review though it was decided that Brees' arm was going forward and it is an incomplete pass.

Mare did miss a 43-yard field goal attempt after that review giving the Jaguars 50 seconds to try and make something happen. The first play from scrimmage showed Gray throwing a long bomb to John Broussard that is intercepted by Jason David.

Brees takes the opportunity for another chance and continues to add to his passing yards. Ending the half, Brees has 344 yards and 2 touchdowns but another missed field goal keeps the Jaguars within 7.

Jacksonville needs to come back from halftime with a gameplan to stop Brees' passing game if they want to win the game. The Saints lead at the half 24-17.

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