Sunday, November 4, 2007

Network drops coverage

It is unknown right now but CBS has switched network coverage here in Jacksonville to the Cincinnati-Buffalo game as the Jaguars game has just over 4:00 to go in the game. Jacksonville did score a touchdown and but New Orleans is driving again as they lead 38-24.


Anonymous said...

CBS is not answering any phone calls. Their line just rings busy. What the ***** is going on?????

Anonymous said...

I bet CBS didn't drop the Denver 7 Detroit 44 game!

I hope the NFL fines CBS for this.

What if Freddie T. had gotten 10,000 yards and we would have had to watch it in replay rather than live because it was more important to show the pre game of the 2 cheatingest teams in the NFL. The only good part was that the patsies beat the dolts ha ha!