Sunday, November 4, 2007

Game drop was network decision

WTEV-47 locally in Jacksonville just announced that the switch in coverage to the Cincinnati-Buffalo game was a network decision and it can not be overturned locally. They ask that if you would like to file a viewer complaint to call (212) 975-4775.


Anonymous said...

We will definitely call and complain. How in the world can they justify pulling the plug in the middle of the game, before the 4PM game even starts. Is nothing sacred????

Anonymous said...

The game was about to be a 14-point differential with 9 minutes left, and CBS switches to a supposedly "more exciting" game that is a 12-point differential with 2 minutes left...between two teams that are no where near Florida and hardly anyone in Florida is interested in? Are you kidding? The end of the world must be near when managers in powerful media positions make plain ole DUMB decisions.

Anonymous said...

The amateurs at WTEV 47 didn't know how to fix the problem so they passed the buck. But even at 17 all, the announcers were biased against the Jags. Had Bush did what MoJo did they would have been quoting stats and going on about how remarkable Bush is but Jones-Drew did it and all they said was flags...no flags and then showed how the only player to even come close was the kicker. What on earth do we have to do to get in the CBS announcers good graces? Gosh!