Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sky Lounge expands in south endzone

After the Houston Texans game and the Georgia-Florida game, the Sky Lounge has expanded and upgraded to help improve the flow with fans and guests. Last week's game against San Diego was its refreshed debut and it will continue to operate throughout the remainder of the regular season.

The tent has expanded from 50’ x 66’ to 50’ x 132’, making it nearly the entire length of the terrace.

The expanded Sky Lounge now features a few extra TV monitors, more lounge furniture and upscale drapery for a warmer environment.

The expansion also creates more room for corporate parties and sponsors prior to kickoff.

Fortunately, the upgrades have not affected the price of admission. Admission is per person in $15 with two drink tokens included.

--Ryan Reaves

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