Friday, December 14, 2007

1st half stats

What a difference a quarter makes.

Naples was completely in charge of the 1st quarter, but St. Augustine has come back on top.

The Yellow Jackets had 10 first downs and 160 total offensive yards in the first half.

The Golden Eagles had 7 first downs and 120 total offensive yards in the first half.

Kawaun Jakes has completed 8 of 15 passes for 130 yards, including one 44-yard bomb. Rashard Hall has been on the other end of half of those passes, racking up 90 yards and 1 touchdown.

Craig Wingate, the Naples quarterback, is 2-for-6 passing with 17 yards. Rushing, however, has been Naples' strong point. They have 103 total rushing yards to St. Augustine's 30


Anonymous said...

Man- This is awesome!!!

I ge tot chekc the game every so often!
Go Jackets!!

What time does Nease play?

Jonathan Bennett said...

Dear "Anonymous"

If that is indeed your name, congratulations. You have the coolest name ever, and the meanest parents in history.

But thanks for the comment - Nease plays tomorrow at 1 p.m.