Sunday, December 16, 2007

Caption the game: 3rd down

Jacksonville won their second straight game, this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, 29-22.

The Jaguars had over 400-yards of total offense including over 200 total rushing yards.

Read the caption from each photo below then write your own caption for the photo and fill in the speech bubble. Please remember to keep them clean though.

Jacksonville Jaguars running back #32 Maurice Jones-Drew signals first down after a crucial 20 yard run on a 3rd and 11 draw play with 2:35 to play in the game. The play kept the Jags game-winning touchdown drive alive during the Jags 29-22 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday December 16, 2007 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pa. (The Florida Times-Union, Rick Wilson)


Anonymous said...

MoJo: The Hot showers are that way

Anonymous said...

I think the landing is over

Anonymous said...

Move those chains, move those chains, move those chains, UGH!

Anonymous said...

This way to the playoffs!

Terri said...

MoJo: "Move the chain, Move the chain, Move the chain...whew!

Anonymous said...

Judo Chop!!!