Sunday, December 30, 2007

Owens gives away ball

Chad Owens just pulled one of the worst special teams mistakes for the Jaguars this year. Waving the other Jaguars away on a punt return Owens then decided to jump on the ball and missed. The Texans quickly recovered inside the Jaguars five-yard line. That fumble should give the Texans at least a field goal.

UPDATE: As expected the Texans converted off of Chad Owens' mistake. Ron Dayne took the ball in for the score putting the Jaguars and Texans even at 7.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe he made that error. Is his brain still on the practice squad?

Anonymous said...

He's the same Chad Owens we remember from his first time on this team. He cost us a game in his first stint...hopefully he doesn't cost us this one.

Kevin Basarab said...

And don't forget on the opening kickoff Owens almost missed the that kickoff. That one could be blamed on the sun but this one had no excuse.