Sunday, October 14, 2007

Caption the game: 1st Down

1st down for captioning the game. We start this week with a fan holding up a sign showing his feelings on the blackout. Write something else for the sign.

Photo by: Rick Wilson/The Times-Union

Leave what you think the sign should say in the comments below.

Caption the game rules: Please ensure comments are not profrane. These captions are read by members of all ages.


Terri said...

Look what you missed Jacksonville!

Are you convinced yet?

Buy a ticket or two!

Revenge is sweet!

Deborah said...

What Terri said...

COME ON JACKSONVILLE...BUY TICKETS! You missed a very exciting game!

Janet said...

"I spent the wife's grocery money for our tickets! Pick our row for the Bubba Burgers!"

Anonymous said...

I came here so the wife did not have to cook and I need to come more often the food here is better!!!