Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sky Lounge welcomes fans

The Sky Lounge is a new edition to the Jaguar gameday experience for fans wanting to escape the heat and crowds in the stadium.

It rests over the Budzone in the South endzone and is accessible from the balcony. Although originally free at the start of the season, admission to the Sky Lounge is now $15 including two drink tokens per admission; additional drink tokens are $7.50.

Once inside the Sky Lounge tent, fans can enjoy a pool table, foosball, a wet bar, and widescreen TVs to watch the game. Those not wanting to go inside are still welcome to enjoy the game from outside the lounge with tables, chairs and plenty of balcony space available.

Last year, the tent rested outside of the stadium and hosted corporate parties only. Given a new location and a new name this year, the Sky Lounge is open three hours before kickoff for corporate use but is open to the public for the game.

The lounge will not be available for the Monday night showdown versus Indianapolis, but is open for every other home game this season and even plans to expand its size for the November 18 game against San Diego.

Ryan Reaves/Jacksonville.com

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