Sunday, October 14, 2007

Caption the game: 2nd down

2nd down now. What are QB Matt Schaub (left) and head coach Gary Kubiak saying to each other in this photo?

Photo by: Phil Coale/Associated Press

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Caption the game rules: Please ensure comments are not profrane. These captions are read by members of all ages.


Miami-Dade Bandits said...

"Schaub Crying" I am so sorry coach, I promise I will make it up to you

Everett said...

(crying schuab)-Coach, Daryl took my ball.

Janet said...

"Let us pray!"

Terri said...

Schaub: "Please don't make me go back out there."

Kubiak: "I can't look!"

Anonymous said...

Shaub - "Geez coach, does it stink in here or what?"

Kubiak - "Yup & the women are double ugly too. I can't look.

Anonymous said...

Schaub- "Coach, I miss David Carr sooo much, and I never even played with him."

Kubiak- "I know, I know, I wish he was here, and he had pretty hair."

Anonymous said...

Schaub: (Weeping) Sorry coach, let me change my pants and I will get back out there.

Kubiak: Son, my eyes are watering and my nose hairs are on fire. Those Jags really did knock the you know what out of you! Now stop embarrasing me and go change your pants! And oh, you may want to consider some type of adult diaper when we play these guys again.