Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jaxson scores crowd points; Wrightster scores game points

As the Jaguars drive deep into Houston territory for the first time of the day, Jaxson de Ville got in on the game action. Garrard threw a pass to the northeast corner of the endzone but the pass was overthrown out of bounds. Have no fear though as Jaxson de Ville catches the ball out of bounds to a roar of applause from the stadium crowd.

In legal game play though Garrard quarterback sneaks a 4th and 1 from the 8-yard line setting up a Jaguars’ touchdown pass to George Wrightster putting them up 7-6. The pass was originally called offensive pass interference but upon further discussion the officials decided there was no pass interference and the touchdown stands.

UPDATE: With the touchdown pass to George Wrightster David Garrard has now thrown a touchdown pass in eight consecutive games. Mark Brunell accomplished this twice in his career with the Jaguars and Byron Leftwich accomplished it once.

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