Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fans still searching for deals; dealers limited

The Texans game today is the second straight Jaguars’ home game to be blacked out this season. Usually there is an abundant resource of tickets being sold outside the stadium for less than face value cost but not a lot of buyers purchasing the tickets.

With a second blackout the ticket sales outside the stadium have shifted gears. Today the number of ticket sellers has diminished with those left were selling for face value or higher.

Lines were 3-4 deep at the ticket offices around the stadium but an overwhelming number of fans were still seen searching for gameday ticket deals.

With the Jaguars’ having one of the lowest prices in the league for ticket prices what are your reasons for not attending the games?

What do you do during the blackouts? Do you try to come to the stadium and purchase tickets cheap or do you just watch another game on TV? Leave your thoughts on the blackouts and ticket prices in the comments below.

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Anonymous said...

We have had tickets since day 1 and this year they went up a LOT. We are on disability and income limited so if our season tickets (Section 405) increase in 2008, we will just not be able to renew. Truly believe that money is the main reason for people not buying tickets in advance. Too bad they can't extend blackout untilsay noon on Saturday. Say the average guy gets paid Friday, they get the bills paid and the groceries bought and there is enough after all to buy a ticket. That could help avoid blackouts! Just wondering if gaames are blacked out in Miami and other "losing" team cities?