Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fumble recovery leads to TD

The Jaguars’ defense made their statement to Houston halfway through the 4th quarter. Paul Spicer was bringing Matt Schaub down for a sack when Schaub fumbled the ball. Daryl Smith picked up the ball at the 23-yard line and ran it 77-yards the other way to put the Jaguars up 30-9 after the extra point.

It has been a long time since the crowd in this stadium has been this loud in the fourth quarter. Generating even more applause when the flags are ran across the field after a Jaguars' score one member of the Navy unit involve din the pregame flyover ran the flag across the field. His return to the south endzone was greeted by a roar of applause from the fans.

And about the flyover, apparently there were two jets flying towards the stadium when one peeled off before flying over.

UPDATE: After speaking to one of the members of the flyover the second jet peeled off because it was not able to get in formation in time and therefore had to peel off.


Anonymous said...

First, the"air force" crewmember involved with the flyover was a "Navy" crewman [person?] of the S-3. although we may never know, the jet may have encountered an electrical/mechanical issue making it unsafe to fly over thousands of fans!

Kevin Basarab said...

Thanks for the correction. One of our staff actually talked to the crew after the game. I updated the post with the results. Apparently that jet was not in formation in time and had to peel off.

Terri said...

Wasn't awesome watching the flight crew members running with the Jaguars Flags for the 2 final touchdowns!

They sure liked seeing their home team win!