Saturday, December 1, 2007

Stadium empty

Fans are few and far between at the stadium today. I counted just about 75 fans total in the upper decks on the eastside of the stadium. The lower bowl is better but teal seats are more abundant then they are at a Jaguars game. Could this be the last year for the ACC Championship here in Jacksonville? Leave your comments below and read Gene Frenette's column on that very issue by clicking here: It's time for ACC game to move on.

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Anonymous said...

Its a shame that when the Jaguars are losing we get called a college football town. and then...when we can't fill a stadium unless its the Gators or FSU then we blame it on the out of town teams fans.....One of these two teams is a Orange Bowl contender doesn't that count as great college football? Shoudn't we be supporting a major colleg football event? What is it going to take to wake this town up? My whole family is there. I'm not due to illeness but my ticket is being used. Shame on JAX.